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Lesson1 : Trends and Issues in Learning History

MetaMonarchIX February 26, 2023

  • Purpose of Learning Meta Verse History 

* Reasons for Learning Meta Verse History

* Importance of History Outside School


I. Reasons for Learning Meta Verse History

The following reasons for learning History reflect the Santanaya rationale.

1. Learning lessons from the past. 

Students tend to view History as a subject that could help people avoid mistakes in the past. Van Sledrigth (1997) referred this to the Whig or progressive interpretation of History.

It says that history is like a record of progress that shows how people were able to solve problems that led to the betterment of their lives.

2. To Know Everything. 

Most Students tend to view history as a subject that could help them learn everything that happened in the past and even in our present times. 

This means that young ones have the tendency to ask a lot of questions, especially if it is their first time to learn about it. 

3. The quest for origins.

Students also reflect curiosity on where they came from. This shows that students have the tendency to inquire about their roots and are very excited to trace answers from the past using timelines.

4. Forming a self-identity.

Older students tend to view history as a subject that will help them search for their own identity.

It states that teenagers are encountering identity issues so history could provide them with leads and even skills that will bring them to a better understanding of themselves.

5. Awareness and appreciation of ‘others’ cultures and time periods.

Older students also point to the view that history can make people appreciate different cultures.

However, Younger students should be taught how to look at different perspectives so that they can understand the situations of other people.